Analysts say parties are emphasizing policy at the local more than media is

Pollster Mallory Newall and election analyst Henry Olsen said in an interview that aired Tuesday on "What America's Thinking," that political parties are emphasizing policy at the local level more than the media is ahead of the midterms. 

"Obviously news media coverage is going to be focused on the issue of the day, right now that being Brett Kavanaugh and the hearings going on," Newall, research director at Ipsos, told Hill.TV's Joe Concha on "What America's Thinking." 

"But if you look at the local level, people are concerned about whether or not they can keep their health care, and keep the doctor that they like," she continued. 

"In certain states, it's concern over immigration, and what's going on," she said. 

Olsen, a senior fellow at the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group, said Democrats have used health care to energize their voters against Republicans and to appeal to undecided voters. 

"The Democrats are trying to use health care as a way to rally the base, and attract the middle, and they're focusing on pre-existing conditions," Olsen said. 

"You look at the ads that are being run in the House races in particular. They will either say that 'incumbent x' voted to take away your guaranteed insurance if you have preexisting conditions, or if it's an open seat, tout the Democrats' support for it," he continued. 

"I think that's a way to unite the middle with the base, and a way to talk about something that's on most people's minds," he said. 

The comments come after a new American Barometer survey showed that 46 percent of respondents said last week's hearings featuring Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford would have no effect on how they vote in the midterms. 

Three women, including Ford, have accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, upending his confirmation process to the Supreme Court. 

— Julia Manchester