Analysts say Republicans will likely hold the Senate

Election analyst Henry Olsen and pollster Mallory Newall said in an interview that aired Tuesday on "Rising" that Republicans will likely hold onto the Senate in November's midterm elections. 

"Everything I'm seeing is pointing to something around a 30-seat Democratic gain in the House, which is a majority, but not a huge majority," Olsen, a senior fellow at the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group, told Hill.TV's Joe Concha on "What America's Thinking." 

"I still think Republicans will control the Senate. The map is so favorable to them. I think a different map would produce a different result, but it's hard to see that Republicans can't win at least two of the six seats that they've targeted, and if they do that, they'll hold the Senate," he continued. 

Newall, research director at Ipsos, agreed with Olsen, adding that there is evidence to suggest Republicans are expecting losses in some key swing congressional districts. 

"I would agree with that. I think Democrats take back the House, Republicans hold the Senate," she said. 

"What's striking to me is that we're seeing this not just in public opinion research and polls, we're also seeing this on the airwaves as well," she continued. 

"You have a number of suburban, independent college-educated voters, and you're actually seeing Republican groups pulling their ad buys out of these media markets and opting to invest in other areas around the country," she said, citing a number of swing districts including Colorado's sixth district and Kansas's second district. 

"I think that's another sign of maybe what's to come in the House," she continued. 

Democrats only need 23 seats to win back the House in November. 

But their path to taking back the Senate appears to be more daunting because they have 26 Senate seats up for election in November, while Republicans only have nine. 

— Julia Manchester