Morning Consult editor says there is a lack of awareness on early voting

Morning Consult executive features editor Anna Yukhananov said on Friday that there is a lack of widespread awareness among voters about early voting in their states. 

"Not every state allows all of the different methods, and probably some people aren't aware of that," Yukhananov told Hill.TV's Krystal Ball on "What America's Thinking" when asked why there has not been more of a shift toward early voting in the U.S. 

"No one really informs you unless you go out and do the research. You know when you go to the DMV, and sign 'please register me," she continued. 

Yukhananov's comments come after a new American Barometer survey, conducted by Hill.TV and the HarrisX polling company found that 11.5 percent of voters said they already voted in the midterm elections, while 12.2 percent of voters said they planned on voting in person before Election Day. 

Another 48.7 percent of voters said they planned on voting in person on Election Day. 

States have varied early-voting laws, some of which have recently caused controversy. 

A new law passed in June by the GOP-controlled state legislature in North Carolina shrunk the state's early voting locations by roughly 20 percent. Some critics of the law say fewer locations could impact African-American voters disproportionately, but defends say the total hours of available early voting have increased. 

— Julia Manchester