Fewer Hispanics say they're motivated to vote, says Morning Consult editor

Hispanic voters are feeling less motivated this election cycle compared to other demographics, Morning Consult Executive Features Editor Anna Yukhananov said Friday.

"It's among the lowest out of all of the demographic groups," Yukhananov told Hill.TV's Krystal Ball on "What America's Thinking" when asked what voter enthusiasm looked like among Hispanics. 

"It is definitely higher if you look compared to past elections, but if you look at whites or the general public … fewer of them [Hispanics] say that they're very motivated to vote," she continued. 

An analysis by Politico earlier this week of polling data conducted by The New York Times and Sienna College, revealed that Latinos said they were less likely to vote, lagging behind white and black voters. 

Yukhananov and political analyst Ruy Teixeira went on to say that many Hispanic voters feel that candidates and political parties and organizations have not reached out enough to the demographic. 

"A lot of the candidates also don't show up to some of the places where they can speak to Hispanic voters," Yukhananov said. 

"Just showing up and the parties contacting people. There's been some recent data that Latino Decisions has collected which shows that, even though there's this very strong preference for the Democrats for Congress and so on this year, huge numbers of Hispanics had never heard from anybody," Teixeira told Ball. "Never heard from the Democratic Party, never heard from anybody period. 

"If you want people to vote, ask them," he said. 

— Julia Manchester