Dem pollster says midterm results illustrate GOP problem with women, minority voters

Democratic pollster Silas Lee said on Wednesday that Republicans continue to have an issue appealing to women and racial minorities in elections. 

"In terms of the political parties, the Republicans have an image problem," Lee, a sociology professor at Xavier University, told Hill.TV's Joe Concha on "What America's Thinking." 

"They have a gender and a racial problem, and it's very hard for them to reconcile. And for the Democrats, what they did show in the results, was that they were able to expand their voter support with suburban women, and with some working-class whites, and also move back and reverse some of the losses that occurred in the Midwest," he continued. 

Democratic candidates worked to target women and minority voters in campaigns leading up to the midterms. 

Democrats say that their $30 million effort to engage with Latino and minority voters helped them win over those voters in the midterms. 

Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said that Latino participation surged 174 percent in 2018, according to CBS News.

Democrats' work also appeared to pay off with women voters.

Sixty-percent of women who voted for one of the two major parties voted Democratic in the midterms, while only 47 percent of men voted for Democratic candidates, according to the Washington Post. 

— Julia Manchester