Dem pollster says women lawmakers will focus on 'survival issues' in new Congress

Democratic pollster Silas Lee in an interview that aired Thursday on "What America's Thinking" said that incoming female lawmakers will focus on "survival issues" when the new Congress is sworn in January. 

"With the new Congress, the fact that you have 115 women coming into Congress, you definitely see an emphasis on protecting entitlement programs, protecting health care, infrastructure, education, housing," Lee, a sociology professor at Xavier University of Louisiana, told Hill.TV's Joe Concha on Wednesday. 

"Those survival issues that really challenge the survival of communities and families. Women are really going to place a priority on that, and they're also going to bring the men along," he continued. 

"Also, women will make sure that many of these issues get done, whereas, in the past, they did not get done," he said. "Easier said than done in many cases, but this is going to be a growth spurt in terms of how things get done, and the issue prioritization of the legislative branch of government." 

Women shattered records in last week's midterm elections. 

At least 129 women were elected to serve in Congress this year, which is up from 112 this current session, according to legislative tracking company Quorum.

Female candidates also broke records in state races as well, with over 2,000 women set to take office early next year in state legislatures across the country. 

— Julia Manchester