Dem pollster says Americans’ views of high-level judges are shaped by major rulings, confirmations


The average American’s view of high-level judges and Supreme Court justices are shaped by major rulings or confirmations, Democratic pollster Pia Nargundkar said in an interview that aired Thursday on Hill.TV’s “What America’s Thinking.”

“For your average voter, they don’t interact with federal judges, with the Supreme Court, all that often in their daily life, even hearing about it in the news,” Nargundkar, a senior associate at ALG Research, told Hill.TV’s Joe Concha.

“So when they hear about it, it’s a major confirmation, it’s a major ruling like affirming the Affordable Care Act or passing marriage equality, or what’s going to happen with Roe v. Wade,” she continued. 

“When they think about it in that context, of course, politics colors that and comes into perception a lot more than what judges are doing most of the time,” she said. 

A recent Harvard CAPS/Harris survey found that 66 percent of Americans believe that federal judges rule on the basis of political influence, while 34 percent said they believed they ruled on the basis of law. 

— Julia Manchester

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