GOP pollster says partisans selectively view cable news

Republican pollster Ed Goeas pointed out what he called the selective viewing of cable news from liberals and conservatives in an interview that aired Thursday on "What America's Thinking." 

"Americans are cable TV are starting to selectively only watch one network," Goeas, president and CEO of the Tarrance Group, told Hill.TV's Jamal Simmons on Wednesday. 

"The liberals are watching MSNBC and the conservatives are watching Fox. CNN, quite frankly, which used to be the one place where people [who] would watch all three, were the CNN watchers, but they have become more and more from the liberal bend," Goeas continued.

"Especially if you look at the 6 p.m. and later shows becoming much more demagogic in terms of what they're saying from ideology to another," he said. 

A SurveyMonkey tracking poll released last year broke down the partisan divides in cable news viewership. 

Fifty-seven percent of Fox News's viewership identified as Republican or Republican-leaning, while 60 percent of CNN's viewership said they were Democratic or Democratic-leaning. 

Sixty-four percent of MSNBC's viewers identified as Democratic or Democratic-leaning. 

— Julia Manchester