Dem pollster says optics aren't good for Democratic lawmakers visiting Puerto Rico during shutdown

A delegation of Democratic lawmakers visiting Puerto Rico during the government shutdown did not come across well in the eyes of the public, Democratic pollster Molly Murphy said Monday on Hill.TV.

"When the government is shut down and people aren't getting paid, especially when they're adjourning on  the Friday that people are missing their first paychecks, I don't think that looks very good," Murphy, a partner at ALG Research, told Jamal Simmons on "What America's Thinking."

"I don't think that that was advisable," she said.

A group of 36 Democratic lawmakers traveled to the U.S. territory over the weekend to go attend conventions held in San Juan by Bold PAC, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus campaign arm, and the Latino Victory Fund.

"I don't think they're managing their optics great," Murphy said. "It's a couple of them, and I think that sometimes a few who are negligent, or a few who are more careless, and everyone says, 'Oh, all the Democrats are down in Puerto Rico,' and that's an exaggeration," she said.

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— Julia Manchester