Gallup editor says most Americans view immigration as a plus for the US

Gallup editor-in-chief Mohamed Younis said in an interview that aired Thursday on "What America's Thinking" that the majority of Americans view immigration in the U.S. positively. 

"A majority of Americans still see immigration as something that's generally good for the country," Younis told Hill.TV's Krystal Ball on Wednesday, referring to Gallup polling.

"Thirty-seven percent want the rate of immigrants coming into the country to basically stay where they are now, not increasing or decreasing," he continued. "About 31 and 30 percent respectively want it to be decreased and increased."

"Over 8 percent oppose sort of deporting everybody who's here illegally, which I think is a really critical angle to how this border wall crisis has unfolded, what's been happening at the border, and families and separations," he said. 

The Trump administration has made illegal immigration a central theme and has warned of a crisis at the United States' southern border while calling for stricter immigration laws. 

Younis said that there was still a core of Americans who were concerned about the state of the U.S. immigration system. 

"Immigration came up as the most important problem facing the country, as the second highest problem in December," he said. "It was the second highest time it's been that high, 21 percent, in the 80 years that we've asked that question."

— Julia Manchester