Pollster says border security has been a 'weak spot' for Dems

Democratic pollster Carly Cooperman on Wednesday said that Democrats have always walked a fine line when it comes to border security, calling the issue a weak spot for the party. 

"This has always been kind of a weak spot for Democrats in terms of security in general," Cooperman, a partner at Schoen Consulting, told Hill.TV's Jamal Simmons on "What America's Thinking." 

"They're big with health care and some of the other issues," she continued. "I think it is important and they are aware that they can't just look weak on security, whether it's securing our borders, whether it's foreign policy." 

"It's a fine line between having the empathy for the people coming into our country and wanting a policy to make people have a pathway for citizenship, but at the same time, taking border security seriously," she said. 

Cooperman's comments come as Democratic 2020 hopefuls put their focus on issues such as health care and the environment, endorsing progressive ideas like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. 

However, border security has been a central focus in a Washington during the Trump administration as President TrumpDonald John TrumpCould Donald Trump and Boris Johnson be this generation's Reagan-Thatcher? Merkel backs Democratic congresswomen over Trump How China's currency manipulation cheats America on trade MORE has made it a centerpiece of his policy.

It has been a D.C. focal point over the past two months amid the government shutdown and efforts to avert a second shutdown. 

Democratic pollster Pia Nargundkar told Hill.TV in a separate interview on Monday that she expects the 2020 Democratic hopefuls to keep their focus on health care and the environment. 

"I think Democrats are just going to focus on the issues that they feel better about, and that voters are naturally inclined to hear them out about," Nargundkar, a senior associate at ALG Research, said. 

— Julia Manchester