Polls show Trump approval rating softening among GOP, independents


President Trump’s approval ratings appear to be softening among members of his own party and independents, according to a series of polls conducted by The Hill and HarrisX since July. 

The president’s approval rating among Republicans sat at 87 percent in July, but has slipped to 79 percent in the latest Hill-HarrisX survey conducted earlier this month. 

The president’s approval rating among independents has also dropped. 

Of those that identified as independent, 44 percent surveyed said they approved of the job Trump was doing in July. That number has declined to 42 percent, according to the same poll conducted earlier this month.

Trump received 46 percent of the independent vote in 2016, while Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton received 42 percent, according to CNN exit polling.

Trump’s low approval among Democrats has remained steady over the same time period, fluctuating between the late teens and low twenties range. 

The latest poll on Trump’s approval rating found that 18 percent of Democratic respondents say they approve of Trump. 

The apparent decline in support from Republicans and independents could negatively impact Trump ahead of his 2020 reelection as he looks to galvanize his base while attempting to pull undecided voters to his side. 

Marist Poll director Lee Miringoff told Hill.TV on Wednesday that the polling shows a negative reaction from independents to current events involving Trump. 

“The independents are going to be very critical ultimately in this, and right now in terms of some short-term issues, they have some questions about what’s been going on,” Miringoff told host Krystal Ball on “What America’s Thinking.”

“Independents have reacted to things like the wall, the closing of the government, the fact that they don’t think it’s an emergency,” he said.

The polls were conducted among statistically representative samples of about 1,000 registered voters. Each of them has a sampling margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

— Julia Manchester

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