‘Washington Monthly’ editor says diversity on Capitol Hill starts with interns


“Washington Monthly” editor-in-chief Paul Glastris told Hill.TV on Friday that improving diversity on Capitol Hill must begin at the intern level. 

“When you look at who gets recruited, who gets jobs as Senate, House, staff members, it’s primarily the pool of interns,” Glastris told host Jamal Simmons on “What America’s Thinking.” 

“If you look at what happens to Senate and House staff members, a fair number of them go on to be lawmakers themselves, or to go into very high positions in government,” he continued. 

“So if you want to have a more diverse group of candidates, a more diverse group of elite government officials, you have to start at the intern level.”

Many have pointed to the lack of unpaid internships on Capitol Hill as a reason for the lack of diversity among interns in congressional offices.

The House and the Senate last year included money in appropriations legislation to pay interns, in an effort to address the problem.

Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) announced in December that she would pay her interns at least $15 an hour. 

— Julia Manchester

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