Public opinion analyst: Most Americans don’t view abortion as simple issue

Public opinion analyst: Most Americans don’t view abortion as simple issuePublic opinion analyst Dan Cox said Wednesday that most Americans say the abortion issue is not completely black and white. 

“I think the most interesting question I’ve ever seen … on this whole debate is this question of whether abortion is simple or complicated,” Cox, a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, told Hill.TV’s Jamal Simmons on “What America’s Thinking.” 

“Most Americans say abortion is complicated – six in 10,” he continued. “While only about four in 10 say it’s simple and straightforward.” 

“If you look at where people on the extreme poles are, saying abortion could be illegal in all cases or legal in all cases, those are the folks who say it is a simple and straightforward issue,” he said. “The bulk of Americans are saying this is complicated, let’s treat it like the complicated issue it is.” 

A Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) survey released last year found that 62 percent of Americans said abortion was a complicated issue, while 36 percent said it simple and straightforward. 

The issue made headlines on Tuesday after the Alabama state Senate passed a bill that would ban almost all abortions, including cases of rape and incest.

The bill now heads to Gov. Kay Ivey’s (R) desk and is expected to be signed into law.

— Julia Manchester

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