The Hill's 12:30 Report

The Hill's 12:30 Report

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The Hill's 12:30 Report: Protesters interrupt Trump's big economic speech | CIA veteran to run for president | Anti-Trump Republicans want emergency meeting | Clinton's beefed-up data operation | How a top aide convinced Obama to let him bike to work

GOP: CODE BLACK. I REPEAT, CODE BLACK: Via The Washington Post's Ed O'Keefe, anti-Trump Republicans are calling for an emergency meeting. So, what's the game plan?: Activists are focused on the Republican National Committee's Rule 9, which allows Republicans to replace their nominee in cases of "death, declination, or otherwise." The anti-Trump activists are focusing on the last component, "otherwise," as justification for swapping out Trump for another candidate. How doable is the meeting: RNC members from at least 16 states can compel Reince Priebus, the RNC chairman, to call an emergency meeting. http://wapo.st/2aGkPQy

It's Monday, and Team USA is already killin' it in the Rio Olympics. U-S-A! U-S-A! Filing from a sleepy Washington, D.C. -- we're 29 days away from Congress coming back to life -- I'm Cate Martel with a quick recap of what you missed this morning -- and what's on tap for the rest of the day. Send comments, story ideas and creative ideas for throwing zucchini at your neighbors (keep reading, you'll understand why further down) to cmartel@thehill.com, @CateMartel and on Facebook.

HAPPENING NOW – WHAT'S A FEW BAD WEEKS BETWEEN FRIENDS?!: Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpUSAID administrator tests positive for COVID-19 Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams among nominees for Time magazine's 2020 Person of the Year DOJ appeals ruling preventing it from replacing Trump in E. Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit MORE is delivering a major speech announcing his economic agenda. One key item: childcare payments will be fully tax deductible under a Trump administration. Trump is also trying to hit the reset button and focus on policy after his controversial past two weeks. Here's what to expect: http://bit.ly/2aPeXiN So far, Trump has already been interrupted six times by protesters, but has kept his composure.

The Los Angeles Times's Lisa Mascaro: Rare Trump moment: He didn't yell to get protesters out when they appear to disrupt start of his econ speech in Detroit. He just paused. http://bit.ly/2b8bldk

NEWS OF THE MORNING -- ANOTHER CANDIDATE TO ADD TO ALL THIS FUN: Evan McMullin, a CIA veteran and former chief policy director of the House Republican Conference, is expected to announce an independent presidential bid on Monday. Why: To be an alternative to Trump. http://bit.ly/2auqrft 

Does he have a chance?: He's aiming to get on 20 to 30 state ballots, so it's more to do with stopping Trump and splitting the GOP nominee's vote than actually winning the White House. 

The goal is to get on the debate stage: To get onto the debate state, he would have to poll at 15 percent in five national surveys and show he's on enough ballots to reach 270 Electoral College votes.

But note: His former boss, Rep. Cathy McMorris RodgersCathy McMorris RodgersOVERNIGHT ENERGY: Republicans in campaign mode for top spots on House environmental committees | Peterson loss prompts scramble for House Agriculture chair Republicans in campaign mode for top spots on House environmental committees Conservatives seize on New York Post story to push Section 230 reform MORE (R-Wash.), has endorsed Trump.

We're. Not. A. Part. Of. This.: "The House Republican Conference has zero knowledge of his intentions," Nate Hodson, a spokesman for the House Republican Conference, said in a statement. McMullin is no longer an employee of the conference, a GOP aide noted. http://bit.ly/2auqrft

If you're wondering about his name recognition: He had just 135 Twitter followers when the story broke, according to Buzzfeed. That number has obviously now skyrocketed. http://bzfd.it/2aznSnV 

Campaign website: http://bit.ly/2aGeHI7

THE NEXT STORYLINE OF THE CYCLE -- PARTY? WHAT PARTY?: Republican endorsements of Democratic nominee Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonFederal workers stuck it out with Trump — now, we're ready to get back to work Biden soars as leader of the free world Intercept DC bureau chief says Biden picks are 'same people' from Obama years MORE are trickling in:


Former Michigan Gov. William Milliken (R) has endorsed Clinton. "This nation has long prided itself on its abiding commitments to tolerance, civility and equality," Milliken said in a statement, according to the Detroit Free Press. http://bit.ly/2aUoEyi

Lezlee Westine, who served as President George W. Bush's White House director of public liaison and deputy assistant, plans to support Clinton for president. But: She didn't say why she isn't supporting Donald Trump. "Our nation faces a unique set of challenges that require steady and experienced leadership," she said in a statement. Via The Washington Post's Abby Phillip: http://wapo.st/2aV0t1l 

NOT ALL IN THE FAMILY THOUGH -- The Bush family Thanksgiving may be awkward this year: Jeb Bush is resolutely #NeverTrump, but his son, George P. Bush, is breaking with the family and announced he's backing Trump. http://cnn.it/2aut6FU 

JUST MAKE SURE RUSSIA CAN'T GET THEIR HANDS ON THIS: Via The Hill's Amie Parnes and David McCabeHillary Clinton's team expects to have a significant technologic advantage over Donald Trump in targeting voters and luring them to the polls. How: Building on the sophisticated system President Obama's campaign used. How they plan to use it: They're hoping to win over centrists and Republican voters for an edge against Trump. http://bit.ly/2aUbJfY 

SO HE'S A PART OF THE CITY'S BIKE TRAFFIC I ALWAYS WORRY ABOUT: White House chief of staff Denis McDonoughDenis Richard McDonoughFauci says he has not talked to Biden: He doesn't want to 'put me in a compromised position' Biden chooses a White House chief who 'matches this moment' The swamp wasn't drained — it expanded MORE bikes the seven-mile commute to work every day. In an interview with Bicycling.com, McDonough explained that convincing President Obama to let him was a big challenge:

"When he announced I was taking this job, [Obama] said I couldn't commute by bike anymore. It was kind of in jest, kind of not -- because he knows I'm a little more aggressive than I should be sometimes. But later he gave me a reprieve because he saw that I needed the exercise. http://bit.ly/2aFhjzB



NJ.com's Rebecca Forand (Oh wow.)
This guy was loved so much both wife, girlfriend place obits in newspaper http://bit.ly/2aGlJMT

CBS's Sopan Deb
It's been 10 days since Mike PenceMichael (Mike) Richard PenceTrump pardons Michael Flynn O'Brien on 2024 talk: 'There's all kinds of speculation out there' A way out of Trump's continuing crisis: a President Pence MORE said he would discuss lifting ban on reporters covering Trump/Pence events. Blacklist still exists. http://bit.ly/2b7RZF4

BBC Outside Source (Lol.)
Wand shop says Harry Potter fans not welcome... http://bit.ly/2aVqhKG



Noon: Donald Trump will unveil his policy agenda for revitalizing the American economy at the Detroit Economic Club. Note: Hillary Clinton will be giving an economic speech Thursday, also in Detroit.

3:30 p.m. EDT: Hillary Clinton will hold a campaign rally in St. Petersburg, Fla. She then heads to Kissimmee, Fla. for a rally right after. 

5 p.m. EDT: Mike Pence holds a town hall at the Sioux City Convention Center in Iowa.

8 p.m. EDT: Mike Pence holds a campaign rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa.



7 p.m. EDT: Fox News's Greta Van Susteren interviews Ivanka Trump.



Today is "National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day" (????). Backstory from the Farmer's Almanac: http://bit.ly/2aGiGS8

FOR ANYONE WHO WATCHED MICHAEL PHELPS LAST NIGHT...: Via NBC, like me, you're probably wondering what the giant purple spots on his back were. "The circles are the result of cupping, a therapy technique that athletes use to help their muscles recover and perform at their best. It involves a therapist heating small glass cups, then placing them on the skin and pulling them from the body to loosen and relax the muscles." Fun stuff. http://bit.ly/2bdZmdw 

And to give your Monday some positive vibes, here's a bear cub that won't let go of the ranger who saved him from a forest fire: http://bit.ly/2b7QCGB


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