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The Hill’s 12:30 Report: U.S. nears vaccine demand tipping point | What next | CDC panel meets to discuss J&J next steps | SpaceX sends four astronauts to space | Watch the launch | Caitlyn Jenner to announce Calif. governor bid | Dems divided on infrastructure strategy | Dog crashes track meet



Just think of all the sad, unused, unloved vaccine doses! ... *Cue Sarah McLachlan for an emotional PSA* — help them find a home: 

The U.S. is quickly approaching a point in the vaccination process where supply will exceed demand. https://bit.ly/3gGf3Oa 

What that will mean: “State and federal officials are going to need to find the best message and best method to get shots to the people who are either hesitant, unable or just indifferent. Doing so will require a change in tactics, likely in how vaccines are distributed to states and how states allocate their doses to get the shots into as many people as possible.” 

When we could hit that tipping point: Possibly in 2-4 weeks, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis 

^ We’re already seeing it in some states: “In Mississippi, for example, only about 22 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated, and in Alabama the number is around 20 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” 

What happens when we hit the tipping pointhttps://bit.ly/3gGf3Oa


Coronavirus cases in the U.S.: 31,931,027 

U.S. death toll: 570,357 

Breakdown of the numbershttps://cnn.it/2UAgW3y


Total number of vaccinations administered in the U.S.: 219 million shots have been given. 

Seven-day average of doses administered: An average of 2.95 million doses 

For context: The U.S. population is roughly 331 million. 

Breakdown of the numbers: https://bloom.bg/3iVTPLH

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To the space station and beyond!:

SpaceX successfully sent four astronauts to space this morning. https://cnn.it/3dKxBLp 

When was the launch: 5:49 a.m. EDT 

When will the crew arrive at the international space station: Tomorrow at 5:10 a.m. EDT 

How long the crew will be in space: Six months 

Video of the launch:


SpaceX launch



And here’s video of the crew making it to space: This is pretty cool.  https://bit.ly/3niVgpp

Today in Kardashian-adjacent news (I'm sorry, but I have to. It's campaign-related.):

Via Axios’s Lachlan Markay, Alayna Treene and Jonathan Swan, former Olympian and reality television star Caitlyn Jenner is officially running for governor of California. https://bit.ly/32GGS0N 

Has she announced it?: Yes, her campaign made the announcement this morning.  

From Jenner’s campaign website: “For the past decade, we have seen the glimmer of the Golden State reduced by one-party rule that places politics over progress and special interests over people. Sacramento needs an honest leader with a clear vision.” See her full campaign sitehttps://bit.ly/3tLBk15


Via Politico’s Carla Marinucci, “Los Angeles County records show [Jenner] did not cast ballots in nearly two-thirds of the elections in which she was eligible to vote since 2000. The full storyhttps://politi.co/2QVb5GD


J&J’s metaphorical court date:

Via The Washington Post’s Lena H. Sun, “A federal vaccine advisory committee is reconvening Friday to discuss next steps for Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine after health officials recommended last week that states pause use while six U.S. cases of a rare and severe type of blood clot were reviewed.” https://wapo.st/3dHvR5M

A pretty likely outcome — use it but with a warning: “Federal health authorities are leaning toward recommending that use of the vaccine resume, possibly as soon as this weekend — a move that would include a new warning about a rare complication involving blood clots but probably not call for age restrictions.”  

What we knowhttps://wapo.st/3dHvR5M


Everyone wants something different. Surprise, surprise:

Via The Hill’s Alexander Bolton, “Democrats are divided over a $568 billion infrastructure counteroffer unveiled Thursday by Senate Republicans.” https://bit.ly/3vkN37b

How so: “Some [are] calling it a good starting point for bipartisan talks and others dismissing it as ‘a slap in the face’ and ‘totally inadequate.’” 

Why Dems are divided — go big or pass something with Republican support: “The rift boils down to a difference over strategy revolving around the importance of winning a bipartisan deal and the risk it could leave certain Democratic priorities on the cutting-room floor.” 

How this could play outhttps://bit.ly/3vkN37b


How this could play out, via The Hill’s Jordain Carneyhttps://bit.ly/2QubH6r



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This is pretty wild:


Tornado in Oklahoma



They’re … coming:


Story of discovering a cicada in the dirt


Hyperlink https://bit.ly/32J8x0Y


The House and Senate are out. President BidenJoe BidenBiden says Beau's assessment of first 100 days would be 'Be who you are' Biden: McCarthy's support of Cheney ouster is 'above my pay grade' Conservative group sues over prioritization of women, minorities for restaurant aid MORE is in Washington, D.C. Vice President Harris is in New Hampshire today.

9:25 a.m. EDT: Vice President Harris left for New Hampshire.

11 a.m. EDT: President Biden received the President’s Daily Brief.

11:55 a.m. EDT: Vice President Harris held a listening session in Plymouth, N.H., on the infrastructure plan. 

1:45 p.m. EDT: President Biden receives his weekly economic briefing. 

2 p.m. EDT: Vice President Harris tours IBEW Local 490 in Concord, N.H.

2:45 p.m. EDT: President Biden participates in a virtual U.S. Department of Defense Senior Leaders Conference in the Situation Room. 

4:45 p.m. EDT: Vice President Harris returns to Washington, D.C.


9:15 a.m. EDT: President Biden delivers remarks at the virtual Leaders’ Summit on Climate. Livestreamhttps://bit.ly/3tLSQCe

11 a.m. EDT: The White House COVID Response Team held a press briefing. Livestreamhttps://bit.ly/2QkbIdc

11:30 a.m. EDT: White House press secretary Jen PsakiJen PsakiBlinken talks with Netanyahu amid escalating violence White House: 'Disturbing' to see Cheney booted for telling the truth The Hill's 12:30 Report - Presented by Facebook - Republican reactions to Cheney's removal MORE and Secretary of the Interior Deb HaalandDeb HaalandInterior secretary approves new Cherokee constitution providing citizenship rights for freedmen Carter sworn in as House member to replace Richmond, padding Democrats' majority Biden administration approves major offshore wind project MORE held a press briefing. Livestreamhttps://bit.ly/3xjpgGp 

2:40 p.m. EDT: Vice President Harris delivers remarks in Concord, N.H. on the infrastructure plan. Livestreamhttps://bit.ly/3eubLLi


Today is National Cherry Cheesecake Day. And for weekend planning purposes, tomorrow is National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day and Sunday is National Zucchini Bread Day!

Say it with me — Give this good boy or girl the medal! And treats. And belly rubs.:


Dog interrupts high school track meet



And to get your weekend off to the right start, here’s a dog who needs to work on its water drinking technique a little more: https://bit.ly/3xlodpi