Protesters to stage ‘die-in’ outside NRA headquarters


A group of protesters are planning to be arrested Tuesday outside the National Rifle Association’s headquarters during a “die-in,” in which they will lay on the ground and pretend to have been shot.

Their hands will be painted red to symbolize the blood of gun violence victims, particularly those who were killed in last weekend’s mass shooting in Orlando.

CODEPINK, which is organizing the overnight vigil, blames the NRA for blocking gun control legislation on Capitol Hill. The activists are calling for an assault weapons ban and for background checks to be required before all gun sales.

Shortly after the Senate votes Monday evening on four measures that would expand background checks and block suspected terrorists from buying guns, more than a hundred protesters will line up on the sidewalk across from the NRA for the vigil.

The protesters include gun control advocates, as well as activists from the Muslim and LGBT communities.

They’ll carry candles, flowers and 49 hearts made of cardboard emblazoned with the names and photos of each of the  Orlando victims.

Most of the activists will protest peacefully, but some plan to be arrested on Tuesday morning by trespassing on the NRA’s property and obstructing entrances during their “die-in.”

The NRA said protests are common in front of its building.

“The NRA respects the entire Constitution and that includes the First Amendment — unlike these anti-Second Amendment groups that like to pick and choose which amendments are valid,” spokeswoman Jennifer Baker said.

“As long as the protesters are peaceful and don’t break any laws, they should have no issues with law enforcement,” she added.

The Fairfax County Police Department confirmed a unit will be on hand for the protest.


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