Gun group releases shocking school shooting PSA

A non-profit started by family members of Sandy Hook shooting victims are using a shocking new video to raise awareness of gun violence signs.


“Almost 4 years after the tragedy that struck Sandy Hook Elementary School, there continues to be no reduction in the number of gun violence acts committed each and every day,” the group said in a statement obtained by FOX61

The group Newtown, Conn.-based group Sandy Hook Promise released the ad as part of its “Know the Signs” program.

The ad, called “Evan,” shows a series of scenes of high school students flirting, leading up to the shocking moment a student enters the school with a gun. It then replays earlier scenes, showing how the eventual gunman displayed signs of violent behavior.

“Gun violence is preventable when you know the signs,” says the PSA.

The managing director of the non-profit, Nicole Hockley, talked to FOX61 about her son’s death. 

“Knowing that my son’s death was preventable but no one recognized the signs and was able to connect them to give the shooter help that’s part of what drives me to ensure that other families don’t suffer this same tragedy,” she said.