Alyssa Farah Griffin criticizes National Review story on how she’s ‘changed’

Former Trump White House communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin is pushing back on an article published this week in the conservative National Review suggesting she has changed her political positions to gain public notoriety.

“The public posture of the Alyssa Farah Griffin of 2022 is very different from the one she had while in the Trump administration,” the article, authored by journalist Nate Hochman reads. “Farah Griffin has continued to espouse some conservative positions publicly, including defending the pro-life argument on The View earlier this year. But when the topic turns to anything Trump-related, she is reading from a decidedly different playbook these days.”

Since leaving former President Trump’s White House, Farrah Griffin has inked deals with CNN and ABC to serve as a political analyst and is believed to be on the short list of candidates to replace Meghan McCain on “The View,” a program which she has guest hosted several times this year.

“I reject the premise that my fundamental views have changed. But I’m fiercely anti insurrection. I’m a conservative who believes in limited federal government and a robust national defense,” she said in a statement to the National Review. “I do, however, think that most people who have served in the highest levels of government, who hold the highest level security clearances, as I do, often become less dogmatic in their views as they learn more and are exposed to more.”

In a subsequent Twitter thread, Farrah Griffin said she did not read the National Review piece but felt the need to clarify her personal convictions and how she has reconciled those with the criticisms she has leveled against people in government who she has since painted as an existential threat to the country.

“When I got to West Wing I saw chaos. Every time I thought about returning to DOD, I couldn’t bring myself to. I could kick myself the rest of my life over that decision. But I stayed. After Trump lost and began espousing the election lies, I resigned,” she said. “I haven’t stopped using my voice since to condemn his lies & unfitness for office. I remain a conservative who believes in limited federal government & a robust national defense.”

Working in the highest levels of the executive branch “fundamentally changed how I see the world & our role in it,” Farrah Griffin continued.

“I hope I’ve evolved. I hope I do the rest my life,” she said. “I pride myself first & foremost in being a an American. The political labels will always be secondary to me.”

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