Cohen resigns from RNC committee position: report

President Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, has reportedly resigned from his position on the Republican National Committee's (RNC) finance committee. 

ABC News reported on Wednesday that Cohen, who is under criminal investigation, resigned from his post as deputy finance chair, citing special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation as one reason for his exit. 

"This important role requires the full time attention and dedication of each member. Given the ongoing Mueller and [U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York] investigations, that simply is impossible for me to do," he wrote, according to ABC. 

Cohen also slammed President Trump's "zero tolerance" policy that separates families at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

"As the son of a Polish holocaust survivor, the images and sounds of this family separation policy is heart wrenching," Cohen wrote. "While I strongly support measures that will secure our porous borders, children should never be used as bargaining chips."

ABC notes that Cohen hired New York lawyer Guy Petrillo on Tuesday to represent him in the federal investigation into his business dealings. 

The news of Cohen's departure from the RNC comes as reports surface that he is considering providing information to investigators about Trump.

"He knows a lot of things about the president and he's not averse to talking in the right situation," one of Cohen's friends told CNN. "If they want information on Trump, he's willing to give it."

In April, FBI agents raided Cohen's home, offices and safety deposit boxes, and seized thousands of documents. He's since been under increasing scrutiny as investigators review allegations of improper lobbying activities and potential campaign finance law violations. The possible violation of campaign finance law relates to his $130,000 payment to adult-film star Stormy Daniels in 2016 over her alleged affair with Trump a decade earlier. 

Trump said on Friday that Cohen no longer represents him.

"I haven't spoken to Michael in a long time," Trump told reporters.

"No, he's not my lawyer anymore, but I always liked Michael. And he's a good person," he added.

Trump was reportedly enraged by the FBI raids, which came in part from a referral from Mueller's office.