Punches thrown over passenger who won't wear mask on airplane

An argument over face masks turned physical on an Allegiant Airlines flight from Mesa, Ariz., to Provo, Utah, on Saturday.

A passenger on the flight was wearing a face shield and a flight attendant asked him to wear a face mask as well, KSL TV reported. Allegiant’s policy is that face shields must be worn in addition to a face covering, not as an alternative.

When the flight attendant and passenger were arguing about the policy, another passenger heckled the man, KSL reported. As the flight attendant was attempting to escort the passenger who refused to wear a face mask off the plane, a fight broke out with the heckling passenger.


Another passenger, Rylie Lansford, recorded the fight and said one of them threw a punch.

Lansford told KSL that she saw one of the passengers swing at the other and the passenger who refused to wear a mask was choking the other. The fight was broken up after 30 seconds, KSL reported.

KSL also reported the passenger who refused to wear a mask was escorted off the plane in Mesa, Ariz., and the other passenger was able to stay for the flight.

Major U.S. airlines have required face masks on planes for months. In September, a woman and her 2-year-old son were removed from a Southwest Airlines flight because the son didn’t have on a mask.