Obama sends BP a bill for $69 million

The White House announced Thursday the federal government was sending BP a bill for $69 million to reimburse the government for costs of cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf.


And future demands for payment could be forthcoming.

"To provide full transparency of the ongoing efforts and to ensure that the American public is not held accountable for the costs of response and recovery activities, the federal government will bill BP and the other responsible parties periodically for costs incurred by the federal on-scene coordinator to support federal, state and local response efforts," the administration said.

A statement said the government expects "prompt payment."

Obama is scheduled to make his third trip to the Gulf on Friday since the spill began.

The White House sent out a cost breakdown of the bill early Thursday evening. In the statement, the administration notes that the $69 million accounts for 75 percent of the obligations to date.

BP has until July 1 to pay the full $69 million.  Costs included in that sum are, according to the White House:

$29 million for federal agencies to support operation of ships, aircraft and boats, to support environmental assessment/monitoring, to support deployed personnel, and other expenses.

$4 million for Department of Defense support of salvage and removal efforts, to support operation of ships and aircraft.

$29 million for National Guard Bureau to support activation and deployment of National Guard from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, to support deployed personnel, and other expenses.

$7 million for states to support removal operations, to support environmental assessment/monitoring, and other expenses.

-- This story was updated at 5:32 p.m.