President Obama sending jobs bill to Congress Monday

President Obama will again press Congress to pass his American Jobs Act during a Rose Garden event on Monday morning.

A White House official said that the president will send his legislation to Capitol Hill on Monday evening when Congress comes back in session.


Obama has begun a full-on campaign to rally the public behind his plan in an effort to both spur the economy and put Republicans on defense.

On Friday, after unveiling his plan to a joint session of Congress Thursday night, Obama traveled to Richmond, Va. to sell his plan.

The president is scheduled to continue his road show this week with trips to Ohio and North Carolina.

On Monday, Obama will hold an event in the Rose Garden, an official said, where he "will call on Congress to pass the bill, which contains the kinds of proposals to grow the economy and create jobs that have been supported by both parties in the past."

"He will be joined at the Rose Garden event by people from across the country who would benefit from the American Jobs Act, including teachers, police officers, firefighters, construction workers, small business owners and veterans," the official said.