Poll finds support for Obama’s executive action on immigration

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Voters are very supportive of President Obama’s executive order on immigration, according to a new poll from an organization aligned with Democrats.

Sixty-seven percent of voters said that they had a favorable opinion of the plan when it was described to them, and 28 percent had an unfavorable view in the poll conducted by Hart Research Associates for Americans United for Change, a liberal group.

{mosads}The results of the poll vary by party affiliation.

An overwhelming 91 percent of Democrats favored the plan as it was described to them, as did 67 percent of independent voters.

Fifty-one percent of Republicans did not favor the plan.

Hart conducted the poll on Nov. 19-20, so much of the response came before Obama’s announcement on the night of Nov. 20. However, details about Obama’s actions had been trickling out.

Other polls have shown that while a majority of Americans are supportive of creating a path to citizenship for immigrants, many were skeptical of the president taking action on the issue alone when they didn’t have any details about the order.

Voters polled were largely opposed to Republicans either shutting down the government or impeaching Obama over the order.

Hart told voters that the order would tell law enforcement officials to focus on deporting immigrants with criminal pasts or ties to national security threats. They also told those polled that the executive order would provide legal status to some immigrants.

Obama’s order has been met with praise on the left and scorn on the right. Republicans have argued that it is an example of executive overreach — calling Obama a “king” and an “emperor.”

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points and a sample size of 800 voters.

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