Obama meeting with Bush won’t be awkward, says Carney

President Obama has repeatedly referred to the “mess” created by former President George W. Bush's economic policies. So might that make for an awkward meeting, when the two come face to face for Bush’s portrait unveiling at the White House on Thursday?

“Not at all,” White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters on Wednesday. “I know the president looks forward to it.”

Mentioning the book The Presidents Club, Carney said that while there are differences between the two leaders' policies, “There is a community here with very few members that transcends political and policy differences.

“I think the spirit represented by that book ... is what will be represented here,” he said.

The White House spokesman said Obama has “always enjoyed” conversations with former presidents but he didn't think the two would be talking politics during their meeting.

When Bush comes to the White House, he will be joined by former first lady Laura Bush, who will also have her portrait unveiled. And another former president and first lady will be on hand: Bush’s father and mother, George H.W. and Barbara Bush.