White House 'saddened' by Stewart news

White House 'saddened' by Stewart news
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Describing himself as a "fan and occasional victim" of the show, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday that he was saddened by news that "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart plans to retire later this year.
Earnest said, over nearly two decades behind the anchor's desk, Stewart had brought a "really unique perspective to comedy and even to informing the public about what was happening in their country."
He noted speculation that Stewart would pursue other opportunities and said that he hoped that was the case.
President Obama has repeatedly appeared on the show, and the comedian famously pressed him over his efforts to close Guantánamo Bay during the 2012 election. Former press secretary Jay Carney called it "probably the most substantive, challenging interview" Obama had during the election cycle.
In a monologue at the end of his show Tuesday night, Stewart said he was "restless" in the job.
"I don’t have a lot of specific plans; I’ve got a lot of ideas, a lot of things in my head. I’m going to have dinner on a school night with my family, who I have heard from multiple sources are lovely people," Stewart joked.
Earnest was also asked about the six month suspension of NBC News anchor Brian Williams, but said he did not want to "wade into" the controversy over Williams's misrepresentation of an event from his time covering the Iraq War.