Obama: FIFA needs to operate with integrity

Obama: FIFA needs to operate with integrity
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President Obama on Monday called on FIFA to change the way it operates in the wake of a massive corruption investigation led by the Department of Justice. 
Following the Group of Seven (G7) summit in Germany, Obama said it is essential for soccer’s governing body to operate with “integrity, transparency and accountability.”
“I think we have to keep in mind although football — soccer depending on what side of the Atlantic you live on — is a game, it’s also a massive business,” he said at a news conference. “It’s a source of incredible pride and people want to make sure that it operates with integrity.”
Obama would not comment on the Justice Department investigation, which included an initial wave of indictments against 14 FIFA and marketing executives on bribery and kickback charges. 
It's the first time the president has spoken publicly about the investigation.
FIFA’s longtime president Sepp Blatter announced he would step down amid allegations he was tied to a $10 million bribe at the center of corruption surrounding South Africa’s 2010 World Cup bid. 
As the United States improves its performance at the World Cup, Obama said “we want to make sure that a sport that’s gaining in popularity is conducted in an upright manner.”