Biden to pitch Senate Dems on Iran deal

Biden to pitch Senate Dems on Iran deal
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Vice President Biden will travel to the Capitol for the second day in a row Thursday to pitch Senate Democrats on the Iran nuclear deal. 
Biden will meet with Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the White House announced. It comes one day after Biden's huddle with House Democrats to rally support for the deal. 
Support from Democrats could prove crucial for the Obama administration. Republicans are vowing to vote to disapprove the Iran agreement, so the White House must convince enough Democrats to sustain a veto from President Obama. 
The president can lose no more than 12 Senate Democrats if all Republicans vote to oppose the deal.
A number of influential Democrats on the Foreign Relations Committee remain skeptical of the deal. 
The panel's top Democrat, Sen. Ben Cardin (Md.), on Tuesday said members have a number of concerns they want addressed. 
"There are questions that we're going to want to get answers to on the timing issues and how the process works," he told NPR. "So there's a lot of questions." 
Biden has played a leading role in the White House's lobbying blitz. In addition to his trips to the Capitol, he began calling lawmakers Tuesday to discuss the agreement hours after it was reached. 
The White House is relying on the vice president’s long tenure in the Senate, including a stint as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, to win over Senate Democrats.