Gun, badge stolen from Secret Service agent's car

Gun, badge stolen from Secret Service agent's car
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A gun, badge and other sensitive items belonging to a Secret Service agent were stolen from his car on Monday.

The incident, first reported by CNN, occurred in broad daylight near the agency’s headquarters close to the White House. The suspect allegedly took the agent’s Sig Sauer handgun, Secret Service badge, radio, handcuffs and a USB flash drive from his personal vehicle, according to a police report obtained by the network. 


The report, filed with the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, says the agent noticed the back rear window of his car was “unzipped” and that a bag containing the property was missing. The alleged theft took place at around 4 p.m., the report added. 

The Secret Service confirmed the report, but declined to provide additional comment. 

It’s the latest black eye for the embattled agency, which has struggled to deal with a number of scandals regarding agent misconduct and security lapses on White House grounds. 

A bipartisan congressional investigation this month concluded that the Secret Service is facing a “crisis” posed by security breakdowns and staff shortages. 

President Obama and his staff have continued to express confidence in Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy to run and reform the agency.