Obama in excellent health, but still chewing Nicorette

Obama in excellent health, but still chewing Nicorette
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President Obama remains in “excellent” health thanks to a healthy diet, exercise and a tobacco-free lifestyle, according to the results of his latest physical exam released Tuesday.

The president has not resumed his smoking habit, but he makes “occasional use” of nicotine gum to cope with his struggle with cigarettes, according to Ronny L. Jackson, the president’s physician. 


“All clinical data indicates that the president is currently very healthy and that he will remain so for the duration of his presidency,” wrote Jackson.

Despite the grueling demands of his job, Obama’s February physical exam showed his overall health improved from his last checkup in 2014. The president’s diet and exercise regimen “resulted in an improved lean body mass and lower cholesterol level.”

The president, who is 6’2”, weighed in at 175 pounds, which normal for his height. His total cholesterol of 188 is considered optimal.

“He eats a healthy diet, remains tobacco free and only drinks alcohol occasionally in moderation,” Jackson wrote. “He continues to exercise daily with a focus on aerobic fitness and resistance weight training.”

While Obama has mostly stuck by his healthy habits, it’s been difficult for him to stop smoking. He spoke about his struggles during an October visit to West Virginia.

“Think about smoking — I can say this as an ex-smoker who still chews on Nicorette, which is OK,” Obama said during a panel discussion. 

“It’s expensive, but I can afford it,” the president continued. “Better not start though, young people.”