Biden: US 'preferred a different outcome' on Brexit

Biden: US 'preferred a different outcome' on Brexit
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Vice President Biden on Friday lamented the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union, but said that the U.S. respects the stunning Brexit vote. 
"I must say we had looked for a different outcome. We would have preferred a different outcome,” Biden said at Trinity College in Dublin. "And I imagine many of you here felt the same way."
Biden said that the United States has a "long-standing friendship" with its transatlantic ally, adding that "America's special bond with the United Kingdom runs deep and it will endure."
"We fully respect the decision they have made," he said.
Britain’s referendum vote to remove itself from the EU could set off a round of financial and economic uncertainty worldwide. 
U.S. leaders have long voiced concern about what a Brexit could mean for the economy at home. 
President Obama has been briefed on the referendum, according to the White House, and plans to speak with Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday to discuss the outcome. 
When he was there in April, Obama warned new trade agreements with Britain could be put on hold if the nation decided to leave the 28-nation political and economic alliance, saying the U.K. could go to the “back of the queue” on trade.
“It could be five years from now, 10 years from now before we were able to actually get something done,” Obama told the BBC. “The U.K. would not be able to negotiate something with the United States faster than the EU.”