White House to furlough 480 staffers

The White House announced Monday that 480 staffers who work at the Office of Management and Budget have received furlough notices requiring that they take unpaid days off due to the sequester.

White House press secretary Jay Carney made the announcement during a White House briefing on Monday, but he would not get into details about whether other members of the White House staff, including those who work closest to President Obama in the West Wing, received any notices.

Carney told reporters that other notices could go out if Congress can't iron out a deal on the budget.

“As the impact of the sequester progresses, furlough and pay cuts remain possibilities – or additional furloughs as well as pay cuts remain possibilities for additional White House employees,” he said.

Carney told reporters that the White House hasn't been hiring as many people and has also been delaying filling open positions.

The White House has also “significantly scaled back” buying equipment and has “curtailed” staff travel, as well as the use of Internet air cards.

The White House is also reviewing contracts to determine if it's able to “reduce costs and improve efficiencies” without undermining its core mission, Carney said.