Secret Service intervenes in tarmac argument as US officials land in China

A Chinese official on Saturday got into a tarmac confrontation with President Obama's national security advisor and the Secret Service as U.S. arrived at the Group of 20 Nations summit.
The Chinese security official confronted Susan Rice and attempted to prevent her from walking to the motorcade after she crossed the media rope line, Reuters reported.
A Secret Service agent got between Rice and the Chinese official to try to diffuse the situation.
According to the report, the same official also confronted a White House press aide who was helping position foreign press as Obama landed in China.
"This is our country. This is our airport," he reportedly shouted.
It is currently unclear whether the Chinese official knew that Susan Rice was Obama's national security advisor. 
The 11th G20 summit will begin Sunday in China, the first-ever G20 meeting to be held in the nation.