Obama: Majority of Americans know Trump not suited for WH

Obama: Majority of Americans know Trump not suited for WH
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“I don’t think his temperament is suited for this office,” Obama told historian Doris Kearns Goodwin in an interview for Vanity Fair. “But it’s not something that I have to emphasize because I think the majority of the American people have figured that out.”
The president acknowledged that Trump’s campaign is a political “phenomenon” that has tapped into “certain fears, certain resentments, that have been a running thread in American history.”
But he expressed confidence Trump would ultimately be defeated, saying his appeal to Americans’ fears is “not unique” in the country’s history. 
A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed Clinton with a 6-point lead over Trump among likely voters nationwide. 
Clinton and Obama have both singled out Trump’s personality in arguing he should not be president, pointing to his mockery of a disabled reporter and inflammatory comments about Mexican immigrants and Muslims. 
One-third of voters polled said their top concern with Trump is “not having the right temperament to serve as commander in chief,” according to the poll.