Obama backs LGBT provision in immigration bill

Addressing reporters at a press conference in Costa Rica, Obama said the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) provision is "one that I support."

"I've said in the past that the LGBT community should be treated like everybody else," Obama said. "We're all created equal," he added.

But while he maintained that it is "the right thing to do," he would like to see the amendment in the bill. "I'm not going to get everything I want in this bill and Republicans are not going to get everything they want."

Obama said the key question going forward is whether lawmakers are advancing the immigration bill so that the borders are secure, that trade and commerce is successfully crossing the borders and that "negative actors aren't able to penetrate the U.S."

The president predicted a "long and bumpy" ride before he sees an immigration bill on his desk. But he added, "I think this comprehensive immigration bill has the chance to do something historic we haven't done in decades."