Biden crashes college party in sex assault PSA

Vice President Biden crashes a college party in a new public-service video released Tuesday about sexual assault on college campuses. 


Biden, donning his signature aviator sunglasses, poses as an undergrad along with “Workaholics” actor Adam Devine. The two cut the music, grab a microphone, reveal their true identities and deliver their message to students at the party. 

“So, like, if you see a buddy and he’s talking to someone who’s too drunk to consent, you tell that buddy, like, ‘Yo, buddy, chill!’ ” Devine says. “And then you make sure that drunk person gets home safe, right?”

“Exactly. You’ve got this,” Biden says. “It’s easy to make a difference this school year.”

The PSA was released by Funny Or Die, which has teamed up with the White House to promote the It’s On Us campaign against college sexual assault. 

Watch the video above.