Obama casts early ballot for Clinton in Chicago

Obama casts early ballot for Clinton in Chicago
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Obama stopped at the Cook County government office building shortly after attending a fundraiser for House Democrats.  
"You guys are doing a wonderful job, appreciate ya,” Obama told poll workers as he filled out his paperwork.
The president, who has aged noticeably while in office, cracked a joke about his birth date. 
“What's my date of birth? 8/4/81?” he asked. 
“Nice try,” One of the workers said. 
Obama responded that he was “shaving just a couple of decades off."
The president is headlining fundraisers in his hometown for Clinton and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He is also attending an event on Sunday for Democratic Rep. Tammy Duckworth, who is running for Senate in Illinois.
The Clinton campaign is seeking to use early voting to its advantage, and Obama’s decision to cast his ballot now promotes those efforts. 
Illinois’s early voting period began on Sept. 29 and runs until Nov. 7, the day before Election Day.