White House spokesman's advice to Spicer: 'Be honest'

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said one of his main pieces of advice for his successor is just to “be honest.”

In a Sunday interview with CNN’s "Reliable Sources," President Obama's spokesman said incoming press secretary Sean Spicer bears the responsibility of trying to “faithfully represent” the president’s view.


"Make sure you know where the president’s heads at,” Earnest said. “Because your ability to faithfully represent his point of view is critically important.”

He called his other piece of advice a "principle for life.”

"Honesty and credibility and trustworthiness is the most important part of this job.”

Asked whether he thought the press secretary’s focus was sometimes to evade questions, Earnest said he thought the American people understood that part of the job.

“People also understand there are certain situations where i’m asked about things I can’t discuss publicly,” he said.

“But none of that should come close to compromising the truth. Because I think once it does, it significantly undermines your ability to be an effective advocate for the administration and the things you believe in.”

Spicer has acknowledged that his role as President-elect Trump’s spokesman may not mimic exactly the role of past press secretaries.

He told MSNBC hosts he expects Trump's administration will continue to do daily briefings Trump’s team will discuss “what is the most effective way to communicate.”