Trump cites dubious claim on voter fraud

President Trump on Friday renewed his focus on voter fraud, citing an outside group that claims without evidence that more than 3 million people voted illegally in November.
“Look forward to seeing final results of VoteStand. Gregg Phillips and crew say at least 3,000,000 votes were illegal. We must do better!” Trump tweeted.
Phillips is the founder of VoteStand, a mobile app that claims it can detect voter fraud.
Phillips has insisted since days after the election that more than 3 million non-citizens voted illegally. But he has refused to publicly provide evidence.
Appearing on CNN’s “New Day” on Friday morning, Phillips said it will be several months more before he releases evidence.
CNN’s Chris Cuomo pressed Phillips on his methodology, noting that he began claiming to know how many fraudulent votes were cast before election results were even certified.
“We are precise as we need to be,” Phillips replied.
Politifact examined Phillips's claim in November, rating it false.