Obama to embark on two-day bus tour after Vineyard vacation

President Obama will hit the road after his vacation for a two-day bus tour on the economy, the White House said Monday.

Obama plans to travel next week through New York and Pennsylvania "to discuss another cornerstone of his vision for a better bargain for the middle class," a White House official said.

The tour is a continuation of the economic push that Obama launched last month at Knox College in Illinois, during which he argued his agenda has helped the country battle back from the recession.


Since that speech, the president has held a series of so-called "cornerstone" events around the country, including an event on housing in Phoenix and the unveiling of a new corporate tax plan at an event at an Amazon distribution center in Chattanooga, Tenn.

The White House would not say what Obama might unveil on the bus tour. An official said more details "will be released as they become available."

Still, the events, which come the week after the president returns from an eight day holiday in Martha's Vineyard, will help frame the upcoming debate over the federal budget and the debt ceiling.

Congress must approve a government funding measure by Sept. 30 to prevent the first federal shutdown in nearly two decades.

Even if a shutdown is averted, lawmakers will clash over the U.S. debt ceiling, which according to the Treasury Department, should be hit sometime in November. If Congress refuses to raise the limit, the U.S. could default on its debts, creating an economic crisis.

In a press conference on Friday, Obama said he assumed House Republicans would not force a government shutdown by insisting on the defunding of his healthcare law.

“I have confidence that common sense, in the end, will prevail," Obama said.