White House blasts 'outrageous' Dem boycott

White House blasts 'outrageous' Dem boycott
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The White House on Tuesday blasted Senate Democrats for delaying a confirmation votes on two of President Trump’s controversial nominees by refusing to attend committee votes. 

Press secretary Sean Spicer called the move an “outrageous” example of partisan obstruction. 

“The idea that these highly qualified nominees .. are being stalled because Democrats are boycotting the committee vote is outrageous,” he told reporters. “The mere idea that they are not even showing up for these meetings is outrageous.”

Spicer sarcastically thanked C-SPAN for giving "embarrassing" Senate Democrats "the wall-to-wall coverage they deserve."

Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday boycotted votes to advance Trump’s pick to head the Department of Health and Human Services, Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), and Steven Mnuchin, his Treasury Department nominee. 

The pair has drawn scrutiny over their financial dealings and Democrats are demanding that they provide more information before advancing their nominations.