Post columnist: Trump acting like a 2-year-old

Post columnist: Trump acting like a 2-year-old
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Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson says President Trump is behaving like a toddler who throws tantrums "all the time."

“It is clear by now that the leader of the free world has the emotional maturity of a 2-year-old who kicks, punches and holds his breath when he can’t have ice cream,” he wrote in an op-ed published late Monday.

"[Trump] dismisses anything he doesn’t want to hear as ‘fake news,’ which is the equivalent of holding his hands over his ears,” Robinson continued.


“Trump’s supporters may convince themselves that the tantrums are part of a clever act. But if they were, Trump’s closest aides wouldn’t be leaking like walking colanders to what he calls the ‘dishonest media.’”

Robinson also warned that Trump would not moderate his actions, noting his age and past conduct.

“Trump’s temperament is at least an issue and potentially a crisis, not just for the nation but also for the world,” he said.

“I’ve seen no indication that Trump is able to control his need to retaliate,” Robinson added. "We saw it throughout the campaign, and 70-year-old men usually don’t change.”

Robinson added that he fears Trump’s advisers will not be able to handle the president’s temper.

“Those in his inner circle obviously know that the way to accomplish their own goals, and to stay in Trump’s favor, is to indulge his impulses in hopes of being able to channel them in a given direction,” he said.

“But make no mistake: We are talking about the rising and falling fortunes of courtiers who, with flattery and whispers and flowery professions of fealty, serve the unpredictable whims of their liege lord,” Robinson added.

“The next four years promise to be a history lesson in the sort of things that caused American democracy to be born.”

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Trump has not softened his rhetoric as president, at times bluntly criticizing his opponents and using Twitter to voice his opinions.