Trump: Accusations of racism 'purely politics'

Trump: Accusations of racism 'purely politics'
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President Trump in an interview broadcast early Tuesday said he can’t take accusations that he is a racist personally and writes them off as “purely politics.”

“It just seems the other side whenever they are losing badly they always pull out the race card,” Trump said in response to a question on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” about host Jimmy Kimmel’s comments Sunday night at the Academy Awards.

“I’ve watched it for years. I’ve watched it against Ronald Reagan. I’ve watched it against so many other people. And they always like pulling out the race card,” Trump added.


“The fact is I did pretty well, much better than past people in the Republican Party in the recent election having to do with Hispanics, having to do with African-Americans, did pretty well or I wouldn’t be sitting here. I mean if I didn’t get numbers that were at least as good or better I wouldn’t be sitting here.”

When asked if he takes the attacks personally, Trump responded, “I can’t.”

“I consider it a very serious violation when they say it and I have to write it off as being purely politics.”