Trump attacks NY Times in tweet

Trump attacks NY Times in tweet
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President Trump on Tuesday attacked The New York Times, days after he called one of the paper’s reporters to give an exclusive interview on the decision to pull his healthcare plan from the House floor. 

“The failing @NYTimes would do much better if they were honest!” Trump tweeted on both his personal and official White House accounts. 


The tweet linked to a piece by New York Post columnist John Crudele, in which he said he canceled his Times subscription “because I felt the paper had become ethically challenged in its coverage of the presidential election.”

Crudele ripped the paper’s coverage of the federal investigation into whether Trump associates helped Russia meddle in the 2016 election and Trump’s wiretapping claims. 

Trump on Friday phoned Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman, telling her that he ditched the ObamaCare repeal plan because “we got no Democratic votes.”

“The good news is they now own healthcare. They now own Obamacare,” he said. 

While the Times has been a frequent whipping boy for Trump, the paper says it hasn’t hurt their business. 

The company said subscriptions doubled last year during the election.