Mercer group running $1M pro-Trump ad blitz

A group of wealthy backers of President Trump is launching a media blitz in 10 states highlighting the president's achievements.

The nonprofit Making America Great, run by Rebekah Mercer, will air $1 million in television ads and is carrying out a $300,000 digital advertising campaign, Bloomberg News reported.

The ads, beginning Wednesday, will air in 10 states — including West Virginia, Michigan and Florida — where a Democratic senator is up for reelection and President Trump won in the presidential election. They will also air in Washington, D.C. 


“Our group will be a conduit to highlight President Trump’s achievement to the rest of the country,” said Emily Cornell, who is moving from the Mercer-funded data firm Cambridge Analytica to run Making America Great’s day-to-day operations.

“We are here to promote successes and hold accountable broken promises — not just to those who voted for Trump, but to all Americans.”

The group's chief strategist, David Bossie, said the group has the "full support of the White House."
"Our effort is proud to be stepping up to help President Trump move his agenda forward," he said.
The first television ad highlights the president's accomplishments thus far in office. It points to new jobs that are bing created. It also references other moves by the president, including reducing EPA regulations and withdrawing from the Trans Pacific Partnership.
"And it's only just begun," the ad says in text.