Ex-Obama aide warns Spicer: Be careful with your credibility

Ex-Obama aide warns Spicer: Be careful with your credibility

Former President ObamaBarack Hussein Obama Obama backs Trudeau in Canadian election Former Sen. Heller to run for Nevada governor Overnight Energy & Environment — Presented by Climate Power — Senate Democrats ding Biden energy proposal MORE's communications director is advising White House press secretary Sean Spicer to be careful with his reputation. 

Asked to give advice to her fellow flack, Jen Psaki told the DC/BS podcast that Spicer must "remember that your credibility is more important than the length of time you stay in a job."


"He has to be conscious and cognizant every single day when he goes to that podium about the fact that he's not an old guy and he's going to have a long career after this potentially," she said.

"That's a big, meta piece of advice, but it's one I would suggest." 

Psaki served in a variety of roles during the Obama administration, including as the on-camera spokesperson for the State Department and then as the White House communications director. 

Drawing on her State Department background, Psaki said briefings aren't just watched by Americans, but also by foreign leaders across the globe who are looking for clues as to the administration's thinking on a variety of issues.

"When all that is being created is a whirl of confusion and no answers and sometimes lies, at the best case, you are stalled. At the worst case, you are losing credibility in the world," she said.

"You have already seen that happen from the way they've handled things over the past few months." 

Cable news networks have taken to carrying Spicer's daily press briefings in full. The briefings often feature colorful confrontations between Spicer and reporters over accusations that Spicer is misleading them. Spicer's briefings have become the subject of occasional "Saturday Night Live" sketches.