Trump touts 'great win in Kansas' House race

Trump touts 'great win in Kansas' House race
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President Trump on Wednesday said the GOP had a "great win in Kansas" the night before, falsely claiming Democrats "spent heavily" to try to flip a House seat.

On Tuesday, Republican Ron Estes overcame an unexpectedly tough challenge from civil rights attorney James Thompson (D) in a special election to fill the seat vacated by Mike Pompeo, Trump's new CIA director.

Estes received 53 percent of the vote in Kansas's 4th Congressional District, compared to Thompson's 46 percent. Last November, Trump carried the district by 30 points.


National Democrats had mostly stayed out of the race that had until recently promised to be a Republican landslide.

The National Republican Congressional Committee spent nearly $100,000 at the end of the race for ads that called Thompson "too extreme for Kansas" and accused him of supporting "late-term abortions."

The president also recorded a robocall and tweeted his support for Estes on Tuesday.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee did 25,000 live calls in the final two days before the race to support Thompson.