Trump, RNC fundraising tops $42M in 2017: report

Trump, RNC fundraising tops $42M in 2017: report
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More than $42 million has been raised for President Trump's campaign efforts and the Republican National Committee (RNC) since January, more than twice the amount raised for former President ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaLabor agency bucks courts to attack independent workers No Hillary — the 'Third Way' is the wrong way Biden should pivot to a pro-growth strategy on immigration reform MORE following the 2008 election.

The $42 million was fundraised through two joint fundraising committees and the RNC, The Washington Post reported Friday.

GOP sources told the Post more than 250,000 contributors have given online to either Trump’s campaign or to the RNC this year. According to those sources, most of the contributions came from small donors who gave less than $200 in response to email solicitations.


During the same period in 2009, Obama and the Democratic National Committee raised $15.8 million. Unlike Obama, Trump has not stopped fundraising since his election victory last November.

Trump's team has widely publicized its Trump-branded merchandise since the election and also offered a chance to win a Washington, D.C., trip to attend Trump's inauguration. Such marketing strategies helped the president stockpile $8.4 million as of March 31 for a 2020 reelection bid.

Trump's campaign has continued to spend significant cash well. According to The Post, nearly $4.8 million has been spent on Trump's own merchandise such as bumper stickers and T-shirts. It has also spent roughly $500,000 at Trump-branded properties in the first quarter of this year for things like rent and catering.