Trump camp has paid $4M in legal fees: report

Trump camp has paid $4M in legal fees: report
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President Trump's campaign continues to spend large sums of money to defend against ongoing civil lawsuits, Politico reported Thursday.

The campaign has paid nearly $4 million in "legal consulting" and "legal fees," the report said, citing Federal Election Commission filings.

That includes $556,000 spent since Trump's election victory.

Trump's campaign is continuing to spend money to defend against lawsuits, which allege assault, threats and other illegal behavior by Trump, his supporters or his staff.

According to Politico, the campaign has also not made a publicly disclosed payment to some law firms representing it, has paid late or has paid just small amounts of money in at least four ongoing cases.


In at least two cases, Trump appeared to have settled lawsuits through paying lump-sum payments to firms involved in the cases, according to the publication. These were listed as "legal consulting."

Brett Kappel, an election law attorney at Akerman, said it wasn't transparent to list settlement payments on forms as "legal consulting."

“Basically, the Trump campaign was run just like the Trump Organization," Kappel said.

"Lawsuits are met with bluster and invective and then ultimately settled quietly with everyone involved required to sign nondisclosure agreements so that the public would not know that Trump, in fact, does settle many of the lawsuits against him and his family members."

The amount of money Trump's campaign has spent on legal consulting and legal fees thus far is more than twice the amount former President Obama's 2008 campaign spent on the issue up until this point, according to Politico.