Trump to lunch with UN Security Council ambassadors

Trump to lunch with UN Security Council ambassadors
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President Trump will also host a working lunch with ambassadors from the United Nations Security Council countries on Monday, the White House said.

It’s an unusual meeting that will get added scrutiny, given Trump’s past criticisms of the U.N.


U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley is the president of the Security Council this month, a job that rotates between the permanent members — U.S., Great Britain, France, China and Russia — according to NBC News.

Haley will attend and the group will be back in New York Tuesday for scheduled Security Council meetings. It’s unclear who else will be in attendance.

NBC News reported that the ambassadors plan to have coffee across the street from the White House with members of Congress and then head to the White House for lunch and a meeting with Trump.

North Korea is likely to be a topic in that meeting, given that China abstained from voting last week on a U.N. resolution condemning its latest missile test instead of vetoing it as a symbolic gesture.